Punk is Dead

by Last Titans

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Another day to prove yourself Clock is ringing in your head Dogs are barking on the street So keep that noise away from me My friends should have called Even my girlfriend has gone I'm upset what can I say? And everytime when you're feeling alone Close your eyes, sing this song everywhere With us together Life is too short but we are now so strong Let the punk rock compose once again Your morning anthem I miss those times, when I was young Spending time singing Punk Rock After High School in my room While Mom and Dad we're scolding you Always thinking 'bout that girl Skinny black pants and red hair Wearing an 'Offspring' t-shirt Don't be afraid Become who you were born to be Give your heart And now sing with me We sing together Your morning anthem
Destiny 04:09
I'm going to make it one more time I'm going to flight, I'll never stop I'm going to write my history I'm going to make it once again I'm going to save this fucking world This time will not be just a dream Hold your breath and Look at me now This is for those ones Who fought and now they're gone Cause only winners live in freedom It's time to flight Now I must be a hero again And you'll not forget my name Being a legend is my dream It's my destiny There's no way back for us today Keep calm and now collect yourself We've got the power to believe Our time is about to begin Let's give it all, it's time to feel Rising your voice to liberty Our lives are changing so fast You know, the future is unknown And all we have to do is just Remember all the things we've done Imagine all together
I'll never forget that rainy night Driving to the punk rock show And singing loud our favourite songs You looked so pretty laughing at My silly stupid jokes You were so nice and I was so drunk "Together, forever I'll sing for you this song tonight" I can't go back until that moment When the destiny shoots me to death Nights are long and days are cold Whitout you by my side, I fall I think it's time for me to go I'm sorry, so sorry For all that I have done Now it's too late But I must try again But I must try to save myself Cause destiny shoots me to death I can't live with this That night the destiny shoots me to death It was my mistake It's better off this way We'll laugh again Cause destiny shoots me to death
All the nations Of the fucking world Looking wonderful In the TV shows Everything's great And nothing's wrong We're fucking happy just because We are living in a perfect world Where the kids are stained by blood Cause our leaders dropped some bombs I know it but it doesn't mind I have my stupid perfect life There's no racism There's no violence There's no sexism We are the fucking best! Our big countries Are blessed by God We're fucking happy just because We are living in a perfect world People being killed in thousand wars Contamination in your blood Corruption, money, fear and lies I know it but it doesn't mind I have my stupid perfect life Ignorant till I die
Get Lost! 03:38
This fucking pain still on my brain I can't trust in you What should I do? I repeat to myself "never forget" I don't want to hear you voice again so Shut the fuck up and leave me now You must be dead,buried alive And as I sad in other songs Stop telling fucking lies I need to say I don't need you cause I'm strong I need to say I don't care about you I need to say That I'm better off alone I need to say And it's now or never Forget me forever cause I'm gone You tricked me into doing things That I would have never done But now,if I see you again There's something you should know
Promise 02:20
Tonight it's so cold and this room is so dark I can't forget your smile I can't forget your eyes And today it rains a lot You're so far, I'm alone I need to kiss you again I need to feel your skin But I promise that one day I'll meet you once again I'll try to hold your hand Bringing back summer to me Till the end


Punk is Dead-Last Titans


released May 1, 2019

Punk is Dead-Last Titans




Last Titans Gijón, Spain

Last Titans es un grupo de punk rock de Asturias, formado por 5 miembros: Alex (Voz), Red (Guitarra/Coros), Sergio (Guitarra), Dani (Bajo) y Mario. Su sonido californiano propio de los 90 y 2000 recuerda a bandas como The Offspring, blink-182, zebrahead, Bad Religion, Anti-Flag,Goldfinger...
En 2017 actuaron en Tsunami Xixón 2017 y en 2018 resultaron finalistas del Resurrection Fest Band Contest.
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